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Ski - Centre Voras-Kaimaktsalan

The mountain Voras or Kaimaktsalan is located in the area of Pella,54km from Edessa, with the beautiful waterfalls.It is open from November to May. Its known that this Ski Center has more snow than other areas in the during of the year.The ski slopes are very big and include different difficulty levels.The Ski Center is the third higher mountain of Greece.First of all is the mountain Olympus in 2524m,and second is the mountain Smolikas in 2637m. It is the higher center of winter sprots of Greece that their facilieties starts from 2018m to 2480m. The Ski Center attract the friends of ski and the visitors who love the nature and the winter sports.

Mountain Voras(Kaimaktsalan) is in the limit of border between to Greece and FYROM. It is covered with big dense forests which include pine trees. The mountain has normal slopes and the higher top of Profitis Ilias in the altitude of 2534m.The church is in the top of the mountain and it was built for the victims of war between to Serbs and Bulgarians in 1916.

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Saint Athanasios

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