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Old St Athanasios

In distance about 16km from the Ski Center Voras-Kaimaktsalan and near of the own of waters, Edessa, in a place with a beautiful view,the mountain voras and the lake Vegoritida is located the traditional Village of Agios Athanasios.

Agios Athanasios is built in 1020m.This village desert in decade of 8o’ because of bad weather conditions.A few years ago with the operation of Ski Center,the old village featured as a Traditional Housing.It made a famous place because of their funs pf winter Sport in Voras.

Traditional houses of Agios Athanasios,the perfect climate,and the short distance of the Ski Center are the reason for the excellent reputation of the village.The village evolved very fast.The old houses rebuilt,and turned in perfect stones palaces. Modern hotels,guest houses,rent rooms,restaurants and different shops are built from local wooden and stones which serve hundred visitors every day and promises a beautiful and pleasant residence.

During the winter months,the village accepts big number of visitors.Its the starting point for the mountaineer,hikers and for the friends of riding.It offers options and trails outstanding natural beauty.A lot of visitors called it as “The Stone Village”.

The village dating since 14o century and her old name is Tsegani.You must visit the church of Analypsis that built in 17oo and included pictures of 18o and 19o century.It featured as a post Byzantine building.


Saint Athanasios

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